Expert TV coaching

Don’t worry about the camera, it can take care of itself! Can you?


The good news about being interviewed for television is that while there can be a lot of technology involved, and it can be quite daunting to the uninitiated, most of it has nothing to do with you! That’s one of the big secrets of TV coaching.

The thing to remember is that interviews are conversations, one-on-one or in a group, nothing more or less. Address yourself to the interviewer just as you would in an ordinary chat. You take care of what you need to say and make sure you get your message across  –  and the technology will take care of itself.

Brown & Green’s Managing Editor, Peter Cluskey, spent more than a decade in front of cameras  – all over the world.

As a TV newscaster, he presented major news bulletins five days a week. As a correspondent, he reported live from breaking news stories from Dublin to Tokyo, Paris, Jerusalem and Beirut. He has interviewed presidents, prime ministers, and business leaders – as well as earthquake victims, refugees and trade unionists.

If you’d like to add competence and polish in front of a camera to your list of professional achievements, if you’re interested in a career in TV, or if you’re a a spokesperson for a company or organization and want to make sure you’re ready in a crisis, contact us now and get the benefit of our experience.

We’re happy to coach one-on-one, giving you the maximum amount of individual attention, or in groups, allowing a greater degree of interaction and role-play.

We would love to meet you to discuss your specific requirements over a relaxed cup of