Expert radio coaching

micThe live microphone – how to master it!

Compared to TV with its lights, cameras and cables, radio is a quiet and almost intimate medium. Many broadcasters prefer its simplicity and easy charm to the in-your-face demands of television  – but, either way, the red light will get your adrenalin pumping!

So, how will you know when to speak and when to stay silent? How will you know when the studio is live and when you can chat off-air to the presenter? If there’s music playing, is it safe to speak? And who are those people in the control room on the other side of the glass? Do you need to be aware of them? Anyone who’s never broadcast before will have a million questions  – and quite rightly.

As with any other medium, radio is easy when you know how. A good performance sounds polished, relaxed, professional and gets your message across with ease and conviction, while a hesitant, uncertain, rambling performance can be disastrous. Suddenly the fact that you’ve been heard by tens of thousands of people doesn’t seem so positive anymore.

Brown & Green will talk you through the ins and outs of professional broadcasting, explain who’s who and what’s what in a radio studio, and top that off with practical experience and “as-live” interviews, one-on-one or in groups.

For anyone dealing with the 24-hour media these days, competence in front of a live microphone is a must. We’ll teach you not just how to master it – but how to make it your friend.

Here’s what award-winning radio producer, Aileen O’Meara, has to say: “Peter has excellent communications skills and is a great broadcaster. He’s also a nice guy to work with!”