Corporate communications in English

Corporate Communications in English

“… brilliant, flexible, and able to convey the complexity of our work in English – a rare quality.”                                – Patrick Leguide, CEO, Central Test, Paris  

Corporate communications in English

Wise organizations value their reputations and guard them carefully. They are precise, polished and consistent in every word they say and write about what they do, their products and services, their relationships with clients and prospective clients.

To guarantee that precision, polish and consistency, your organization needs professional writers and editors who understand and value accuracy and nuance. They can ensure that your message is consistent through all your English-language communications tools, from websites and newsletters to brochures, annual reports, and public policy and advocacy documents.

The problem for many organizations is that their attention to the detail of how they communicate in English can be hit-and-miss. A new website is initially perfect but loses that professional polish every time it is updated. Newsletters are edited by enthusiastic amateurs whose English is good, but not good enough. Annual reports are proofread in-house by the people who write them, and so accuracy goes by the board. That’s a level of inattention you simply cannot afford.

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A message that’s better written, edited and presented is a more convincing message.

That’s why our expertise is your competitive edge.