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“… meticulous and painstaking English-language editing.”– Prof Jon Martin Trondalen, UNESCO-PCCP, United Nations Special Fellow

Academic editing by Brown & GreenEnglish Editing

English is an essential second language for anyone working in third-level education – and many professors, teachers and researchers use English every day to communicate with students, colleagues, and international organizations.

However, when it comes to writing, English can pose a range of problems that don’t occur with the spoken language. All too often, people who speak English well also believe they write it well – but that, unfortunately, is by no means always the case.

If you are writing a thesis or submitting an article to an international journal, it is essential that it reads well in English. Anything less will, quite simply, undermine the authority of your work. Clarity and precision are imperatives.

Academic papers that are well written and well edited have a much better chance of being accepted for peer-review publication in the better-known journals. Brown & Green’s academic editing in English can help you achieve your desired result.

Our writers and editors are meticulous and painstaking. That’s why we’ve been chosen to to work on UNESCO’s complex  three-yearly World Water Development Reports (WWDR).

Here’s just one testimonial from a satisfied academic client at the University of Vienna:


“A post-doctoral researcher in Sociology at the University of Vienna, I have worked with Brown & Green repeatedly over the past two years. They edited my dissertation and my academic papers as well as individual fellowship and grant applications. They are professional, flexible, reliable and enthusiastic. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”                                                                                                    

 – Philipp Schnell, PhD, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna