About Brown & Green

Corporate Communications in English        YOUR WORDS, YOUR IMAGE AND YOUR REPUTATION

The ability to communicate is at the core of every well-run organization. Often when organizations fail it’s because they fail to communicate, with staff, with stakeholders or with customers. Our aim is to help our clients communicate clearly and convincingly in English – something we’ve been doing effectively since 2002.

  • For companies and organizations, that means reaching your target English-speaking markets efficiently and cost-effectively
  • For NGOs, it means conveying your message in a manner which gives it the maximum reach and impact
  • For academics, it means improving your chances of being peer-reviewed in the international journals that matter
  • For post-graduate students for whom English is a second language, it means realizing your linguistic shortcomings when it comes to important written texts and setting out to redress them
  • For individuals, it means marshalling your thoughts, improving your presentation, and putting your best foot forward – whether it’s in writing, on radio, in front of the TV cameras … or as a fledgling novelist on Kindle!


Whatever your project, we’re here to advise you. Get in touch today and find out about Brown & Green and what we have to offer.